Now celebrating over 50 years of operation, W. R. Rayson Co. is a highly respected converter of quality products for the dental industry.

We take pride in supplying our customers with the highest quality products, customer support and service in the industry. Our commitment to the needs of our customers has earned us a reputation as a leader in the distribution of dental, laboratory and beauty disposables.

With modernized production based in mainland China, Qualident offers a complete line of disposable dental medical products.
With a mission of providing our clients with the best service and high-quality products, we make the best effort to improve our products.

Hager & Werken and its brand miradent have been well-known to dentists,
dental technicians and dental professional personnel for more than 70 years.Our

products are constantly checked and new products are only introduced to our

range if they offer a clear advantage to available alternatives - true to the
motto “always one step ahead!”. A new product needs to be quicker and more
practical in use and should at best also offer a higher patient comfort.

KIDDY CAPS produces high quality dental crowns made of zirconium oxide ceramic. Our specially developed production process enables us to offer the crowns at affordable prices. This is how we want to ensure that all children have access to safe dentures and better dental care. Because they deserve it.

Wave Dental realised that there was a neglected segment of the market. Those restricted by budget had very few choices and therefore no power to influence product improvement.

Wave Dental is designed to redefine the standard while maintaining ordinary pricing for these customers.

We aim to put better tool into the hands of some of the most budget conscious dentists globally.

KENDA is a leading international manufacturer of high-precision rotating dental polishers for dentists and dental technicians. The various polishers have an autoclavable version for multi-patient use and a single-patient polisher for one-time use. KENDA offers the highest quality and the company's many years of experience means it is able to develop and manufacture custom-made diamond and silicone polishers for specific requirements in collaboration with its clients.

OLIDENT is a fast growing company, focused on supplying dentists with the highest quality products. Duringmore than 22 years on the market, Olident has come a long way from a small company with a regional reach, up totoday's figure, operating all over the country and abroad. Network representatives and cooperating distributorsmake our products readily available to any dentist at any time.Our products are used in small practices, large clinics and medical schools - all over the world. However, the bestrecommendation are thousands of our customers confirming the principle- high quality doesn't have to be expensive.

For 29 years Endostar have designed and produced instruments for root canal treatment. Their machinery is based on a proprietary technology developed in the R & D POLDENT department. It uses modern components also used by NASA and allows for an annual production of 1 million packages of products placed in their catalogue currently consisting of 16 000 items.